Pat Robertson's New Year's Forecast: "China Will Be The Largest Christian Nation On Earth"

As "700 Club" co-anchor Terry Meeuwsen explained on today's installment of the popular Christian show, "Each year, just before the first part of the year, Pat (Robertson) goes off alone with the Lord and then comes back to share with us what the Lord has shown him about the coming year." Pat then brings in every New Year by delivering the Lord's message to the staffs of Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University. This year's meeting with God brought some interesting predictions, particularly concerning China and Christianity. According to Pat,

"What I'm praying about is China. I'm asking for 250 million in China. We haven't had that breakthrough yet but I think we're going to get it. God's going to give us China. And China will be the largest Christian nation on the face of the earth. They're going to come to Jesus."

Check out Pat's predictions for China in the video below.