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Oops! Pat Sajak Asks Gay 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant About Woman He's Going To Marry


This time it wasn't a contestant committing a big flub on "Wheel of Fortune." Host Pat Sajak did the honors instead.

While introducing player T.K. Klotz during an episode that aired Thursday, the host noted that Klotz was engaged. "Some woman has agreed to marry you," he said to the contestant. "Some gentleman," Klotz corrected.

As you can see in the clip above, things got a little awkward, but Sajak handled the gaffe with aplomb. A commenter who appeared to be Klotz told Deadspin that Sajak apologized during the commercial break.

Some reaction on Facebook wasn't as forgiving of Sajak. "He can't be that dumb," one user wrote.

The mistake took on uncomfortable context. In April, Sajak raised eyebrows by sending out a sarcastic tweet proclaiming his heterosexuality.

"It might be seen as just a likely ribbing at the recent spate of celebrity outings, except that Sajak is a serious right-winger" who has donated to Republican candidates, NewNowNext wrote.

CORRECTION: This article has been edited to remove a remark Klotz made to a Deadspin commenter. The comment was not about the host, as a previous version of this article stated.

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