Pat Sajak Has 1 Request For A 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Taking Her Sweet Time

The game show host got a little testy when a contestant waited until the last moment to solve the puzzle.

Pat Sajak made a screeching demand of a contestant in another bizarre “Wheel of Fortune” moment this week. (See the video below.)

The game show host apparently felt a contestant named Nicole was taking too long Wednesday as she chipped away at the board until there were only two remaining letters, Decider reported.

“Oh, I’m going to solve,” Nicole said.

“Please, solve the darn puzzle,” an exasperated-looking Sajak replied.

“Coconut and cough syrup,” Nicole said correctly, though not without drawing another seemingly frustrated response from Sajak.

“That’s a horrible moment when you know that everyone in America knows what this is, ‘Why don’t I?’ but you got it,” he said.

It was the host’s second zany moment of the week. On Tuesday’s episode, Sajak made a wrestling-like move on a contestant in an apparent nod to the man’s profession.

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