You Try To Solve This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With Only 4 Letters

A Miami teacher did and stunned game show host Pat Sajak.

All it took was four letters for a Miami teacher to come up with a winning answer on “Wheel of Fortune” and walk away with an additional $37,000.

Jessie Rebhan faced a 13-letter, three-word puzzle in the category “What Are You Doing?” Her hints were the letters N, C, E and R. 

Host Pat Sajak clearly didn’t think it was possible for her to guess the right answer.

“It looks daunting to me,” he said kindly. “But, you know, you have 10 seconds.”

It took Rebhan less than half that time to come up with the correct response.

Sajak was shocked. 

“I don’t understand this game!” he said.

Rebhan won a total of $52,328, plus a trip to Barbados.