The Oakland A's Have Called Up An Ambidextrous Pitcher Named Pat Venditte

The Oakland A's called up a left-handed pitcher and a right-handed pitcher on Friday, all in one unusual player.

Yes, Pat Venditte, 29, throws with both arms, and he throws effectively. Venditte has logged a minuscule 1.36 ERA in 17 games while striking out 33 over 33 innings with the minor league Nashville Sounds this season.

Here is he is pitching with both hands earlier in his career:

"I'm a natural right hander -- everything I do in life is right-handed whether it's golf or basketball or anything like that," Venditte told in February. "But when I was three years old, my father started teaching me to throw with my left hand, and it was just one of those things kind of that progressed."

He wouldn't be the first major leaguer to switch-pitch. The last player to accomplish the feat was the Montreal Expos' Greg Harris in 1995. Facing two batters as a leftie and two as a rightie, Harris did not allow a run in one inning against the Cincinnati Reds. Nobody had done it in the majors for more than a century prior to that.

At the very least, Venditte will be a novelty. He has a really weird glove, too.



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