Patent Trolls Are Killing People -- Literally

Since I gave this talk at TED in Long Beach back in the first week of March, a few new items have come to my attention.

My buddy Ray Fisman (badass Columbia professor) wrote a Slate article about the costs to innovation due to patent trolling. Short version: it brings innovation to a complete halt.

But wait, there's more...

I've recently talked with several folks in the high-tech industry who informed me that part of the reason large companies have been stocking up on patents lately is because they view them like nuclear weapons -- they're a deterrent. No one ever plans to use them. The idea is that you hold them in reserve to prevent patent trolls from suing you.

Well guess what folks -- it's not working. Check this out:

Scroll down for the graphic: Smartphone Competitor Patent Suits

The war has already started folks. Companies are already using their patent arsenals on each other.

Billions of dollars are being wasted on this bullshit. People are actually dying as a result.

Hey Congress -- where do you think this ends exactly?