Pathfinders Project Seeks to Spread Health and Education to Those in Need

Non-believers are often criticized for being uncharitable. While there is significant data to show that it is true that those who don't attend church donate less of their income, the cause of this discrepancy is not what those at Conservapedia have to offer:

Given that atheistic evolutionary thinking has engendered social darwinism and given that the proponents of atheism have no rational basis for morality in their ideology, the immoral views that atheists often hold and the low per capita giving of American atheists is not unpredictable.

In reality, studies have reflected that the non-religious are as charitable, and in some instances more charitable, than the religious when it comes to acts of kindness and other forms of donation. We won't let those pesky little facts get in the way though....

Some of the slander gets even better. In a post by "The Grand Disequivocator" the claim is laid that in absence of our charitable goodness... "there is plenty of evidence of atheists doing evil, or just being anal. We know this, because for these purposes they *do* get organized. Witness Communism, and the American Atheists." While that was enough to get me slightly irritated, this next quote really got me ready to write:

Whenever oganized religion sinks to the same level as organized atheism, this is a point agianst religion in favor of atheism. But the constructive acts of religious organi-zations are ignored. I think the atheists would gladly make a big deal of their own large-scale charities, if they had any. But they clearly don't or else they wouldn't be reduced to the "not an organi-zation" dodge


And to that I say, he's right! We WOULD gladly make a big deal out of our own large charities! As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I'm about to do right now.

We've all heard of the extensive "mission trips" of religious organizations that travel the world enticing the unfortunate into the abandonment of their cultural heritage for food, water and basic medicine. These well-intentioned organizations make good use of the desperate conditions in which some live in order to convince them that Jesus is a living superhero.

Well good news! Thanks to the Foundation Beyond Belief, there is now a way for the non-believer nation to set out into the world with goodness in their hearts and water purification technology in tow. The Pathfinders Project is a year-long service trip in which those who are so fortunate to be selected will travel around the globe bringing clean water, sanitation education, and some good ole' Secular Humanist compassion to people who might otherwise never see such things.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in supporting, they need your help! Globetrotting is expensive. There are several ways for you to help set them on their way (and bring them home safely):

  • Buy Coffee! In short order an online store will be offering Grounds for Humanity at the cost of13.95 per package, with a portion of those profits going to the Pathfinders. Maybe you could make the best part of waking up, altruistic satisfaction in your cup?

  • Donate to the cause directly at
  • Claim a prize from Ben Sweatervest Blanchard ranging from a "wistful sigh" all the way to a no joke, real-life, classic sweatervest off the man's own back.