Dog With Perfect Manners Waits Patiently In Line For Ice Cream

Reggie somehow controls his urge for the sweet treat.

Reggie loves ice cream. When the ice cream truck rolls into his neighborhood in Cardiff, Wales, his tail doesn't stop wagging.

But he isn't a jerk about it. The 3-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier never tries to steal all the sweet treats for himself.

Video shows that after Reggie's owner, Ryan Thomas, gives the go-ahead signal, the pup runs to the truck and patiently waits in line:

He may smack his tail on the sidewalk in pure excitement, but he queues up until two children have been served. Reggie is then given his own scoop.

And he thoroughly enjoys it.

"He doesn't chase after cats or other dogs — it's the ice cream man," Thomas told the Daily Express.

"There's been times when I've heard the van and I can't find Reggie -- but I know where he'll be," he added. "He'll be at the ice cream van."