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World's Most Patient Dog Poses With Food Instead Of Wolfing It Down

Most dogs will pounce at the potential of a food scrap dropping from the dinner table. Sid the beagle is not most dogs.


The five-year-old rescue pooch is more patient that most humans, posing long enough for his owner, Alex Hopes, to post his mug on Vine, Instagram or Facebook. When all things social media are snapped and hashtagged, Sid is rewarded with an edible treat.

Despite his class act, Sid is not any kind of show dog. "He's well behaved," Hopes tells The Huffington Post. "Any time he takes anything that's not his, he holds it in his mouth and waits for permission."

Recently, at his local burger joint in Austin, Texas, Hopes ordered a cookie and was given an extra for free. He decided to hand it over to Sid, who held it proudly in his mouth like the good dog he is.


This cookie was how Hopes discovered his beagle's natural talent. He's since snapped Sid carrying foods like hot dogs (clever), bacon and doughnuts.


Hopes admits he eats basically every food item his dog poses with -- save one, because Hopes doesn't "really like hot dogs." While Sid is gifted dog treats for his diligence, he sometimes gets a piece of the pie, when the pie is bacon.


"Everyone in Austin knows Sid," said Hopes. The dog started to gain celebrity a year ago, when a GoFundMe account was set up to raise money for surgery after Sid was hit by a car. The pup sustained four fractured ribs and a punctured lung, among other injuries. Thousands of dollars were raised on Sid's behalf, and the duo have been making magic together ever since. Hopes has even transcribed Sid's adventures into a children's book.


This very regal beagle has gained thousands of Instagram followers in the past few days, and even the social media-conscious Miley Cyrus featured him on her own account. There's no telling what Sid will do next, though chances are it will involve a tasty snack and a darling snout.

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