Patient Moon: A Sonic Journey

Photograph by Silvia Tirado

Sound Healing selection: Temple of the Moon -

Bars held me tight, but I struggled
through them to the dark path,
undergrowth scratching my face as I ran.

The breaths I needed to take created
their own beat, competing with
the heart I lost a while back.

Toppling, slipping, racing, sure the
beasts at my heels would
overtake the steps already gained.

Reaching the beach, the sand rose up to greet my knees
dropping through leaves, that left me soaked
with water and merged with sweat.

I rescued myself, watching the beads
drip off my nose, stippling the soft grains
of the shore just beneath my pain.

On my head, nearly unnoticeable the
light began to sing to me, expecting that
I look up, raising a thankful face to its glow.

Softly shining down, the question met my gaze,
"What," it asked while waiting, "do you fear?"
Not the bars or the dark, not the jungle with its beasts.

My answer finally rose like a great dragon
asleep for centuries, "I, patient Moon,
am afraid of the ALONE."

Mankind's common malady, no less potent
in the sameness, stripped of diversions,
the very ME of it all, with no soul to share.

I thought I heard Moon laugh to himself,
slipping his gentle reflection
across the open sea to the endless horizon.

Then he whispered, "Look at me.
How far I am from Mother Earth and Father Sun
but we are joined in timeless love.

With each other, with you and all
who are like you, our love reaches
wherever it must go.

No space is great enough to stop it,
nothing keeps it from you, the light of love,
the Sun by day, and I by night.

ALONE, does not exist, silly child,
no bars, no dark, no jungle beasts that you imagine,
there is only love, and my patience."