Patricia Arquette Drops Unplanned F-Bomb At Golden Globes: 'I'm So Sorry'

"You can’t take it back, can you?"

Patricia Arquette took home a Golden Globe on Sunday for her role in “Escape at Dannemora,” but her acceptance speech stole the show when she dropped some colorful language.

Joking about the fake teeth she had to wear while playing Joyce Mitchell, the woman who aided two convicted murderers in a 2015 upstate New York jailbreak, Arquette asked, “How many fucked up teeth does a person need?”

“I was born with fucked up teeth!”

Later on that evening, the actress issued a mea culpa while speaking with reporters.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, as some in the crowd chuckled. “You can’t take it back, can you? I didn’t plan that. It was an unplanned F-bomb.”

Emphasizing her apology, Arquette said, “I know this is a very elegant occasion,” while cracking yet another joke.

“Dental dramas are true. Trust me.”

The teeth were only part of Arquette’s new look for the Showtime series, which included putting on more than 40 pounds to re-enact Mitchell’s story, Variety reported.

The star praised the show’s creators for not attempting to dress up the role.

“I never once heard this refrain that I’ve heard throughout my career, which is, ‘But is she likable enough? But is that attractive enough?’”

“I felt so free,” Arquette added.