Patricia Arquette Says She Was Joseph Gordon-Levitt's First Kiss

The actress told James Corden on "The Late Late Show" that the duo was instructed to kiss in the 1994 film "Holy Matrimony."

Apparently, Patricia Arquette gave Joseph Gordon-Levitt his first kiss.

In conversation with James Corden on “The Late Late Show” this week, the actress revealed that she was instructed to kiss Gordon-Levitt for a scene in the 1994 film “Holy Matrimony.”

“I think he was about 12 years old. The story of the movie was, like, this Hutterite community and in that community his brother leaves and we do some crimes and get all this money. And then his brother dies ... and he hides the money somewhere. In that community, if your brother dies, you have to marry his wife. So I end up marrying a very young Joey Gordon-Levitt,” she explained.

Arquette, now 51, went on to say that Gordon-Levitt’s mom approached the actress to note that it was her son’s first kiss and he was “nervous.”

“I’m like, ‘I’m nervous! You think he’s nervous?’” the “Act” star recalled, adding that she went over to Gordon-Levitt to calm his nerves.

“So I went up to him and I was just like, ‘Hey. This is just pretend. This isn’t really your first kiss either. You get to really have your own first real kiss,’” she said.

“He was really like, ‘It’s fine. Don’t worry,’” Arquette recalled.

Moments later, while talking about her upcoming directorial debut, Arquette interjected “to clarify” that the kiss with Gordon-Levitt was “very” short.

Corden moved on quickly after that and it’s unclear why the story came up after 25 years. At any rate, you can rent “Holy Matrimony” on Amazon Prime for 99 cents so there’s that.