Patricia Field Teams With Kotex To Make Over The Maxi Pad (VIDEO)

In one of the more puzzling product collaborations we've heard of, "Sex and the City" stylist Patricia Field has partnered with Kotex to make over the maxi pad (and their carrying cases). Because apparently white with wings is out of style like what.

There's even a competition component -- U by Kotex is soliciting designs at and three girls (the whole thing is targeted at "girls," although we only see a minimum age of 14 required for entry and no max) will work with Field on the final pads. They'll also score seats at New York Fashion Week in September.

Field filmed a promotional spot, spewing lines like, "I can feel a reason for this [project]. I can feel it makes sense. It's not a big secret. Color makes people happy," and "Choose what you like. Don't worry about what's trendy, what's in, who says what."

To be honest, we're not really worried about what's trendy in period pieces, not to sound like haters. Maybe we're just PMSing.