People Are Freaking Out After A 'Pad' Fell From This Singer's Dress

Turns out it was a Kleenex -- and the celeb shut down her haters in the best way ever.

After what looked like a sanitary pad fell from Mexican singer and actress Patricia Navidad's dress during a performance, the Internet collectively lost it. There's actually more to the story.

As the singer performed on "Despierta América," Univison's morning show, a white object appeared to fall to the ground from her dress.

Many have reported that it was Navidad's sanitary pad. However, the singer clarified on Twitter that it was actually a Kleenex.

On July 14, Navidad tweeted that "there is a big difference between Kleenex and a sanitary towel, which I don't even use." (Though if you do use pads, get down with your bad self, obviously.)

She also clarified that the "Kleenex that fell was taking care that [she] didn't sweat."

Navidad also had something to say to the Twitter trolls that said she "threw in the towel" during her performance (a reference to the Spanish term for pad, "toalla sanitaria," or "sanitary towel").

The singer responded: "I've never thrown in the towel, and I won't ever, it fell from a tunnel that came from my armpit, but I never threw it hahaha."

Navidad received some negative comments online after clearing up the details, but she definitely knew how to handle them. When a Twitter user asked where she bought a Kleenex the "size of a tablecloth," she held nothing back with her badass response: "In the same place where you buy your miniature condoms!"

And that's how you shut down the haters.

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