Patrick Angelo, Chicago-Area Man, Brings Food And Blankets To Lower Wacker Drive's Homeless (VIDEO)

This Man Goes Out Of His Way To Help Chicago's Homeless

For 12 years, the homeless population that gathers along Lower Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago has enjoyed regular visits from an angel. An angel by the name of Patrick.

According to a recent feature on WGN's "Chicago's Very Own," oral surgeon Patrick Angelo found himself on Lower Wacker Drive one night over a decade ago and discovered a part of the city he says he never even knew existed -- "basically a city of people down there."

He began bringing food, blankets and other items -- like hand warmers, socks and more -- to the homeless people who live along Lower Wacker and now drives back there twice a week. While he told WGN he initially tried to connect the homeless there to shelters or treatment centers, he found his advice was rarely accepted.

His efforts have earned him the title of the "angel of Lower Wacker Drive," the Chicago Tribune previously reported.

"The way I look at it is they need it more than I do," Angelo told the Tribune.

Anthony, one member of Lower Wacker Drive's homeless population, was featured by the Invisible People video campaign earlier this year.

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