Man And His Beloved Blind Cat Scale Ireland's Highest Peak

The duo raised more than $1,000 for animal welfare.
Stevie in Patrick Corr's arms.
Stevie in Patrick Corr's arms.

Stevie, a blind cat who hikes with her human, is back at it again blazing new trails. 

Filmmaker Patrick Corr and Stevie garnered a following last year after Corr shot a beautiful video that showed the pair going on a hike in County Tipperary, Ireland.

“I think Stevie is a truly remarkable cat and I wanted to capture how I truly felt about her and share that with the world in a meaningful way,” he told The Huffington Post at the time.

Since then, Stevie’s love for the outdoors has only grown. A new video shows Corr and the calico feline climbing County Kerry's Carrauntoohil, the highest peak in Ireland at 3,406 feet.

Note: Though Stevie mostly walks with a harness and leash, the video shows her briefly off-leash. While Corr says Stevie always sticks very close by him, experts warn you should always keep your cat on a harness and leash when taking a walk.

Corr took special care to make sure that the trek wasn’t too strenuous for his beloved companion.

“Her comfort was our number one priority,” he said in an email. “Stevie was only allowed to walk on the path leading to the base and during the climb itself, she was free to walk wherever there was a soft surface - any section of the mountainside that was too rocky, she was carried on my shoulder and via a cat carrier bag that we had specially for the trip.”

The pair also took “lots of breaks” and he made sure Stevie always had access to food and water. The climb up and down the peak took between five and six hours, he said. 

Patrick Corr and Stevie.
Patrick Corr and Stevie.

What makes the whole story even more impressive is that Corr and Stevie managed to raise more than 1,000 euros (that’s more than $1,114) for animal charities TSPCA — a small group from Corr’s hometown — and the Cork Animal Care Society — the shelter where he adopted Stevie about four years ago. They did it through a GoFundMe campaign called “Stevie Saves the World.”

At this point, we’re convinced she can.



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