Patrick Dempsey Somehow Started Talking About Erections On TV And Didn't Even Know It

He's having a hard time with words.

Call Shonda Rhimes because things are getting McDreamy McSteamy up in here.

Patrick Dempsey embarrassed himself on Australian television show “Today” Sunday morning after he accidentally talked about erections. The 50-year-old was trying to show off his knowledge of Aussie slang, but things got a little lost in translation.

“Traveller,” Dempsey volunteered, while the co-hosts and his “Bridget Jones’s Baby” co-star Renée Zellweger laughed. “Traveller’s a beer you travel with, right?”

“You’re not supposed to say that,” one of the hosts said, while another insisted he was probably thinking of the word “roadie.” 

“What’s a traveller? Have I just alienated everyone in the country?” the actor asked as everyone continued laughing over his goof. One of the hosts made a joke about the mishap, saying, “All the blokes who are watching are sitting up right now.” 

Dempsey couldn’t leave well enough alone and continued asking, “What the heck is a traveller?” until one of the hosts whispered what it meant in his ear. According to Urban Dictionary, a traveller is “the boner you get whilst traveling long distances” or while riding public transportation. 

“Oh, excuse me,” Dempsey said. But what he should have said was:

You can watch the entire clip here.



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