Patrick Duffy And A Crab Watch 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

Patrick Duffy and the Crab are back! After far too long of absence for our taste, Patrick and Shel are on the couch again, this time talking about "American Idol."

As some of you may remember, the last time they were together things got a little blue. The Crab claimed he, Courtney Cox and the wardrobe lady got it on at the first season wrap party for "Friends" in 1994. The discussion grew in odd ways from there and we're pretty sure that had the video not cut off, the two would've ended up making out.

This episode is a little more contentious. The Crab disagrees with Patrick when he says he could be the next American idol. Shel tells Duffy he's too old and not a very good singer, reminding us of the time the Crab dared Patrick to eat a dime and he did it. They obviously have a very deep and layered relationship that forces their insecurities and competitive sides to get the better of them on occasion, especially when the Crab feels the need to dominate Duffy. We think Dr. Phil would have a lot to say about the way they interact.