Patrick Duffy Reveals The Hit Role That He Lost To Harrison Ford (VIDEO)

Though Patrick Duffy is well known for playing Bobby Ewing on 'Dallas' -- both the original and the remake -- and Frank Lambert on 'Step By Step,' the actor revealed on HuffPost Live that he once auditioned for another iconic role: Indiana Jones.

"I went to an audition to read for Steven Spielberg, didn't end up being him, but for 'Indiana Jones,'" Duffy explained to host Ricky Camilleri. "Anybody I think who was on television or had a TV cue probably went in for it. But I went in for it and Tom Selleck went in for it, and of course Harrison Ford did it."

He added, "I don't think I was ever seriously considered but it was because of the strength of, the popularity of 'Dallas.'"

But Indiana Jones isn't the only major action role that Duffy missed out on.

"I actually went into a meeting, and I didn't even know who he was, for Luke Skywalker on 'Star Wars.' And I walked into a room--it was a bare room at Goldwyn Studios, and I sat in this chair for the longest time and it was empty and somebody came in and went through a file cabinet and then left, and then the secretary came in and said, 'thank you very much.' I said, 'okay,' because I had never worked, I didn't know how it was all done."

He continued, "And when I left, apparently the person who came in and went through the file cabinet was either Lucas or one of his people, and they just didn't think I was right for the part when they saw me sitting in the chair, and I didn't get that either."

"But those are the two that I obviously wasn't up for, but I love knowing the fact that somehow I missed them."