Patrick Gonzalez, Middle School Student, Faces Suspension For Matt Bonner Haircut (PHOTO)

Patrick Gonzalez, a student at Woodlake Hills Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, was given in-school suspensionfor coming to class with the likeness of his favorite basketball player, Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs, shaved into his hair, KABB-TV reports.

Rose Gonzalez, the boy's mother, told the station she was shocked by the school's reaction and claimed she got permission for the hairstyle, something district official Aubrey Chancellor refutes.

"There was no permission that was given," Chancellor told KABB-TV. "If the parent thought that, then it was a miscommunication."

Patrick was sent home after the haircut was deemed a violation of the school dress code and will receive in-school suspension if he does not remove the tribute, according to WOAI-TV.

According to Concord Patch, Gonzalez plans to have the image shaved off so that he can return to school.

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