Patrick Mahomes Told Tom Brady The Absolute Truth After Super Bowl

The mic'd up exchange between the Chiefs quarterback and the Super Bowl MVP went viral.

NFL Films has been posting snippets of mic’d up conversations following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory ― and on Tuesday it released a cool exchange between Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and his Kansas City Chiefs counterpart, Patrick Mahomes. (Watch it below.)

Brady had just thrown three touchdown passes in a Super Bowl MVP performance to lead Tampa to a 31-9 victory, while Mahomes struggled to find time to throw.

At age 25, the superstar-in-his-prime Mahomes fell short of his second Super Bowl title. At 43, Brady secured his seventh.

Mahomes appropriately summed up Brady’s status as the two hugged after the game.

“You’re a legend, man,” Mahomes said.

Brady returned the compliment and said they should “keep in touch.”

Brady has never congratulated the opposing quarterback on the field in his three Super Bowl defeats, according to USA Today’s For the Win. Amid reports that he snubbed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles after Brady’s New England Patriots lost the 2018 Super Bowl, Brady said he didn’t know why he didn’t approach Foles but he respected him.

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