Texas Cop Patrick Quinn Offered To Let Suspect Go If He Could Sniff Her Feet: DA

Texas Cop Asked To Sniff Feet Of Suspect: DA

Authorities in Harris County, Texas, are raising a stink over a school police officer who allegedly offered to let a suspect off the hook if she would let him sniff her feet.

Patrick Quinn, 26, a former police officer for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, pulled a woman over in the early morning hours of Aug. 11, because her insurance had expired, Click2Houston.com reports.

Quinn told the woman he smelled marijuana in her car, which she denies, then conducted a search of her vehicle while she waited in his patrol car.

Quinn allegedly told the woman he found a marijuana grinder in her car, but she denied having any knowledge of pot paraphernalia, according to KTRK TV.

The officer allegedly told the woman he was a foot fetishist and offered to let her go if she would let him sniff her feet, and also told her that he wanted to lick them, according to Assistant DA Daniel Werlinger.

The woman removed her footwear, but then Quinn had another idea.

"He gives her another option. Since she is wearing a skirt, if she would give her panties in exchange for her release," Werlinger told MyFoxHouston.

The woman offered her panties, but Quinn ultimately decided not to accept them. He let her go without sniffing or licking her feet.

The woman filed a police report about the incident and investigators identified Quinn from fingerprints recovered from the woman's insurance card.

Quinn was arrested and charged with two counts of official oppression. He is currently free on bond.

The school district that employs Quinn said Monday that he has been placed on administrative leave.

Authorities suspect Quinn may have victimized other women. Anyone with information on the case can contact the Harris County DA's Office at (713) 755-5800.

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