Patrick Stewart Says What We've All Been Thinking About Avocados

Admit it. He's right.

Patrick Stewart is not impressed with our generous use of avocados. In fact, one place he wishes they’d never show up is in sandwiches.

In an interview with Bustle, promoting his new film The Emoji Movie with Maya Rudolph, Stewart shared his feelings on avocados. Sparked by a mention of avocado toast, Stewart asked, “Do you use avocados in sandwiches?” And without skipping a beat he added, “Because here’s the problem, there are so many sandwiches now that happen to have avocado in it and the moment you bite into it, the sandwich slides apart because the avocado is so slippery.”

And as much as you love avocado, you know he’s completely right.

Rudolph agrees. Watch it unfold in the interview below:

He did not take a stance on avocado toast, though we’re willing to bet we know how he feels about that, too.