Patrick Stewart Was Amazing On 'Colbert' As An Obamacare-Hating Louisiana Workman

Where isn't Patrick Stewart these days? If you answered "The Colbert Report," you are dead wrong, mister and/or miss. Last night, Stewart stopped by "The Report" in character as an authentic Louisiana worker sharing the horrors of Obamacare.

Recently, it had come out that actors had been paid by the Koch Brothers and other factions against the Affordable Care Act to play up the horrors of the law in ads. So Colbert invited Stewart -- never identified by name -- to play Chuck Duprey, "an average American Joe, who prefers to crack open a domestic beer and watch the NASCARS."

"Duprey" then shared how Obamacare had ruined his life, monologuing his woe to the audience as only an acclaimed Shakespearean actor could pull off.

Check out the clip above, if only to hear Patrick Stewart say in a Louisiana accent, "I'm employed as a workman down on the job site, which explains these hands, tough and gnarled, like my daddy's."