9 Rules Of Best-Friendship We've Learned From Sirs Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen (PHOTOS)

Want to learn the rules of a best-friendship? Look to two of the greatest actors of all time (we think so, anyway).

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen may have an on-screen rivalry in 'X-Men,' but social media revealed that there are few friendships out there that are as epic as theirs.

Here are 9 tips they've taught us for having a successful, long-term relationship with your closest pal:

1. Take trips together -- just the two of you (the better to goof off).

2. Never do anything without one another.

3. Pick up a dangerous hobby together (you'll have someone to always watch your back).

4. Wear bowler hats everywhere, because it's always a good time to be fancy with friends.

5. Meet Elmo.

6. Take photos of each other unawares.

7. Go to work together.

8. Cook for each other.

9. Check things off your bucket list together.

We can't promise an outcome as ridiculously awesome as theirs, but we guarantee you'll have a great time.



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