Patrick Stewart Chimes In On Those Kellyanne Conway Comparisons

Actor Patrick Stewart playfully declared "TWINSIES" after seeing the side-by-side photo of him and Conway.
Actor Patrick Stewart playfully declared "TWINSIES" after seeing the side-by-side photo of him and Conway.
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

A photo of actor Patrick Stewart dressed in drag in 2016 lit up social media after people began to draw comparisons between Stewart’s look and that of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Now Stewart himself is weighing in.

The “Star Trek” actor playfully declared “Twinsies” on Twitter on Tuesday while sharing a side-by-side photo of them both sporting hot pink with platinum blond hair and black eye makeup.

Stewart had dressed up in drag a year ago in Los Angeles to promote his show “Blunt Talk” in April 2016. It took months before someone put his face next to Conway’s on the internet.

Now the inevitable conclusion: a fan push for Stewart to play Conway on “SNL.”

“SNL” (and “Star Trek”) fans are messaging pleas like “make it so,” or writing that Stewart should “go where no man has gone before.”

Of course, Patrick wouldn’t be the first person to portray someone of the opposite gender on the popular NBC program.

In addition to Melissa McCarthy’s recent portrayal of Press Secretary Sean Spicer and McKinnon’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Will Farrell famously portrayed Janet Reno, the nation’s first female Attorney General ― who in one “SNL” skit got in on the joke by appearing on stage with the actor.

One thing: Despite these comparisons, they almost certainly wouldn’t get along. While Trump’s senior counselor is a stalwart supporter of the president, the “X-Men” star is a steadfast Trump detractor.

The British actor even said early this month on “The View” that he’s working toward getting his U.S. citizenship so he can more effectively fight the administration. The “only good thing as the result of this election, I am now applying for citizenship — because I want to be an American, too,” said Stewart. “All of my friends in Washington said there’s only one thing you can do: fight, fight, oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it because I’m not a citizen.”

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