Patrick Stewart Is Here To Soothe Your Fears With Daily Shakespeare Readings

"A sonnet a day keeps the doctor away," the "Star Trek" star said.

Sir Patrick Stewart is doing his part to calm the masses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Star Trek” star delivered an impromptu Instagram reading of William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet No. 116” on Saturday that was met with overwhelming positivity and thanks from viewers.

On Sunday, Stewart announced he was “delighted” by the response, which inspired him to propose a twist on an old saying:

Prior to his American TV and film career, the 79-year-old actor performed for many years with the Royal Shakespeare Company. On Monday, he delivered another “one of his favorites” from the Bard, “Sonnet 2”:

The comments sections of his poetic posts were filled with gratitude.

“Thank you for this lovely light at the end of a dark and cloudy day,” one commenter wrote.

“I just lost my job and you made me smile!! Thank you once again Sir Patrick Stewart!! Hero as a teen, hero now that I am 45!!” said another.

Shakespeare wrote a total of 154 sonnets, so hopefully, these daily delights will continue to bring calm for many days to come.

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