Patrick Wilson On 'Girls': Sneak Peek Of Actor's Debut In Episode 5(VIDEO)

Although things didn't work out with Adam (Adam Driver), Sandy (Donald Glover) or even Laird (Jon Glaser), "Girls" leading lady Hannah (Lena Dunham) is still on the quest for love ... and it looks like it may be coming in the form of Patrick Wilson.

In the video above from the upcoming episode of "Girls," titled "One Man's Trash," Wilson's character Joshua stops by Grumpy's to chew Ray (Alex Karpovsky) out for leaving the Grumpy's trash in his personal trash can.

"I train all of my employees personally. Professionally! Even this one over here," Ray says, gesturing to Hannah. "Which wasn't f***ing easy."

But Hannah has something important to confess to Joshua, which she attempts to do in the video below before he invites her in.

"You're basically a complete stranger to me," Hannah says. "I could be putting myself in like a Ted Bundy situation. He also looked handsome, clean and also probably had a brownstone."

Known most recently for his role on CBS' "A Gifted Man," not much is out there about Patrick Wilson's character except that "he'll play a forty-something doctor who lives next door to Hannah," as reported by TVLine.

Find out more by tuning in to "Girls" on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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