Patrick Wilson Talks 'Girls,' Lena Dunham And Ping-Pong

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 2, Episode 6 of HBO's "Girls," titled "One Man's Trash."

Patrick Wilson guest-starred on this week's "Girls" when his character Joshua (not Josh) and Hanna (Lena Dunham) spent a very emotional few days together. The 42-year-old, recently-separated doctor not only invited her into his very adult brownstone, but begged her to stay -- when she asked him to.

"It felt as awkward as it looks," Wilson told Vulture of that "Girls" scene. "I think we’ve all had those moments ... It reminded me of my twenties. It’s just awkward and weird ... It’s the awkwardness of a real human emotion in real relationships. If you look back on the breakups that you’ve had, whether it’s a long relationship or a one-night stand, it’s always awkward ... It’s always ugly and awkward, and that’s what I loved about that scene."

The awkwardness didn't end there. Wilson and Dunham also partook in a cringe-worthy round of naked ping-pong. "I’m not going to lie: Lena’s not good at ping-pong. She’s good at a lot of things, but not ping-pong," Wilson added to Vulture. "It’s part of the charm, as we say."

Dunham teased her topless game of table tennis to TVLine at the Emmys in September 2012. "You're going to have the opportunity to see Patrick Wilson play ping-pong in a not-totally-dressed state," she said. "He's hot as ... I want to say something classy but all I can come up with is he's hot as f***. And he's a very nice person too. And a devoted father, which is such a sexy quality."

"Girls" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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