Patrick Wooden, North Carolina Pastor, Defends Anti-Gay Anal Sex Remarks

North Carolina Pastor Defends Anti-Gay Sex Remarks

North Carolina Pastor Patrick Wooden, a prominent pastor who Right Wing Watch notes is "no fringe figure" and as a driving force behind passing an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution banning marriage for gays and lesbians via the ballot this spring, defended many of controversial remarks he's been making in recent weeks about gay male sexual activity. In one very graphic interview he'd said most gay men, when they reach later life, will be in diapers and using a "butt plug" to supposedly stop uncontrollable bowels, caused by damage from anal sex. In another interview he said that many gay men were going to the emergency room to have various objects removed from their anuses, including cell phones, and baseball bats.

Speaking with me on my radio program on Sirius XM OutQ, Wooden, who's been described by some LGBT critics as having an "obsession" with anal sex, went into great detail about gay sexual activity, discussing "glory holes" and "fisting all way up to the armpit." Contradicting himself, he actually defended oral sex and anal sex for heterosexuals -- even though he'd previously said, in speaking about gays, that God "made the human sperm, the God of the Bible designed it, and it was not designed to be emptied into an area that is filled with feces." Below is a large portion of interview, and an audio clip of the full interview follows.

One reason why you've been speaking up against the gay rights movement is because of gay sexual activity you see as harmful.

I was answering questions that have been asked of me. What I said was that the anus is not a vagina. And there have been instances, I've been told, there have been instances, and some of the people, in many cases, the persons didn’t want their names to be told -- it could threaten people’s jobs and occupations-- things they had to operate, and take out of persons bodies as they put things into their orifices for sexual pleasure. So when asked questions concerning this I have spoken to it. I have loved ones who have told me of loved ones who died, who practiced this type of anal sex...Many, many do have [uncontrollable bowels]. The buttplug from what I understand serves more than one purpose. One is to stretch the anus. They do create 'em and they do serve a purpose. And they’re not things that heterosexual men use for any reason.

Women use it. Men and women have anal sex too.

The issue was less of anal sex in and of itself but sex with a member of the same sex.

So something different happens to men who have anal sex than women who have anal sex?

I would imagine if a woman was to participate in anal sex, I would imagine she would not have anal sex as often as two men do because [women] have a vagina.

Sometimes they just like it.

I know of cases like that, and I know one case in particular where the person just enjoyed it until severe medical problems happened.

You talked about one man who had a cell phone that had to be removed [from his anus]---

Yes, and I stand by my comments. That's what was told to me, that while they were trying to remove it, the phone rang.

Did they answer the phone?

As a matter fact what I was told was that the surgeon asked, "Will anybody get that?" And of course, no one answered the phone. And to add to it, that the individual, when they were released from the hospital, called back and wanted their phone.

I’ve never heard these stories and you don’t see any statistics about them. Is this all kept very secret?

...I've read about the practice of fisting, where one man takes his fist and puts it in the orifice of the other man up to the forearm and in some cases up to the armpit.

Up to the armpit? I don't see how that's possible. Have you wondered that these things perhaps aren't true?

I have, but I don't see how a man should let a man put his finger in there, or his fist.

Well, men and women do that, with both the vagina and anus.

The issue is whether or not I believe sexual contact between two people of the same sex is right, moral and allowed, and by extension should be a part of marriage in this state. It doesn't make me a hater.

When you say something that is shocking and people go wow, 'Could that really happen?' Like somebody could put an hand in the anus to the armpit, I guess people want to know the names of these people, how they can check it out, because then they think, how can they believe the story?

The homosexual community, they know I'm not lying...When you talk to those who believe in partial birth abortion they never describe the process. Because you can't win the p.r. argument if you describe the process. What we've done is we've taken homosexuality and we've cleaned it up and we've made it look like--

Well, have you ever personally witnessed any of this? Have you seen some of this sexual activity?

No, you know I'm not a surgeon, so I wouldn't be operating. And certainly I've never been a homosexual, so I've never visited the clubs. I've never been to the glory holes. I've never been some of the places where it’s alleged that people go into some of the clubs and there's this wall with holes in it where perfect strangers can participate in sexual activity with perfect strangers. I've read in various publications where men meet at parks in different places. They don't even know each other’s names. They never exchange anything and they do what they do...They go into certain clubs where there's a wall with holes in the wall and some men put their penises through the wall. And others, I guess those who are looking for one to put in their mouth, they go on that side of the wall.

But you know many heterosexuals have sex clubs, swingers' clubs...They’re saying Newt Gingrich wanted an 'open marriage'--

So you then believe that the anus and the vagina are the same ---

No, they're not the same.

Let me tell you, the anus does not lubricate itself.

They use lubrication. Sometimes women need lubrication, right?

Yeah sometimes they do, for medical or different reasons. But as designed, it's designed to lubricate itself, to get ready for --

Wait, you know that sometimes women need lubrication --

I just said that, but that is the exception and not the rule.

So even if you have to use lubrication all the time, what's wrong with that?

I just wouldn't want to -- i think it's a perverted desire to put your [penis] in the area of another man where his feces is excremented, I think it's a terrible thing...I was told an individual put a baseball bat into his rectum. Not just baseball bats, but jars.

We had people calling the show telling stories of heterosexuals doing this, women putting objects in their vaginas and they get stuck.

Yes, heterosexuals do things also, but when we speak--

Do you believe men and women should have oral sex?

Of course. I believe the Bible says that marriage is honorable in all and the bed is undefiled.

So oral sex is okay? If a woman performs oral sex on a man?

Any sexual activity as long as the two persons as far as I'm concerned are in agreement, are married and they are born of the oppose sex.

But sir, you said said sperm is not meant to go in the anus. It's not meant to go in the mouth -- You said sperm, when it goes in the anus, it's wasted, that is God's seed wasted. When a woman is drinking your sperm, isn't she wasting it?

No, the difference is, they are of the opposite sex.

According to the Bible you're only supposed to be having missionary sex with your wife...Oral sex is considered sodomy.

This pastor is telling you without apology that the Bible allows a husband and a wife to enjoy each other --

Including anal sex? including anal sex?

I guess so, if that's something that they agree to.

But you said that that place is the place for feces.

Well, do you disagree with that?

I don't understand why you're saying that's okay for heterosexuals but not for homosexuals.

Yes, you do. I don’t believe two homosexuals should kiss on the mouth.

But you said that anal sex will lead to death. So why can heterosexuals do it?

No, no. If everyone practiced anal sex it would lead to that. Have you ever heard of any man getting pregnant through anal sex.I believe sexual activity is for persons of the opposite sex.

So even if they're putting objects in, that's fine?

Most men -- I guess my way of thinking is that the object my wife wants in her is me. I can't expound on the sexual proclivities of everyone. But what I am saying and i want to be perfectly clear, and I don't apologize for it, it doesn't make me a bigot. I don't have an unreasonable fear of homosexuals -- I believe marriage is between a man and woman.

Listen to the full interview below:

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