Patriot Day Thank You

Patriot Day is September 11 and it serves as a reminder to thank the heroes in our country - without them our lives would be very different.

The firefighter who puts their life on the line each day because they willingly walk into the flames each time the alarm sounds. Yet, they smile at the kindergarteners who visit the firehouse and look around with wonder in their eyes.

The police officer who puts their life on the line because they need to rescue a hostage or person in danger. They find a smile for the kids during show-and-tell or for the confused grandparent who lost their way home.

The medical person who puts their life on the line to walk into the unknown because someone's life needs saving. They still smile when someone wants to know how much longer they need to wait or how to fix their arm sling.

The members of our Armed Forces, including the Coast Guard, National Guard, Reservists and all the branches of the military who have sworn to protect our country. They smile at the child that comes up to them and asks if they know their daddy or mommy who is also in the service.

These heroes, and many others, are the ones that respond when there is a fire, robbery, natural disaster, or other tragedy, and still find a smile to calm someone else - take a moment today and express your gratitude to them.

Because of these heroes on the front lines every day, we can all sleep a little easier. Their service allows for freedoms and adventures; from every car accident to every storm, we know they'll be there and our lives are a bit safer and more secure. They make sacrifices, often with a smile on their face, and we benefit.

So, thank you to everyone who courageously does whatever it takes to help us get home safe and sound. Thank you for always being there; we may not say it often, but we appreciate you and the freedoms your service allows us.