Newspaper Apologizes 150 Years Later For Trashing The Gettysburg Address

Newspaper Apologizes...150 Years Later

You've gotta love a 150-year-old apology.

For all those questioning whether "60 Minutes'" apology for their botched Benghazi report was sufficient enough, the Patriot-News just provided some perspective.

The Harrisburg, Pa.-based newspaper retracted an article written in 1863, which maligned the Gettsyburg Address — a speech that has gone on to win a fair level of acclaim:

"Seven score and ten years ago, the forefathers of this media institution brought forth to its audience a judgment so flawed, so tainted by hubris, so lacking in the perspective history would bring, that it cannot remain unaddressed in our archives."

"Our predecessors, perhaps under the influence of partisanship, or of strong drink, as was common in the profession at the time, called President Lincoln’s words “silly remarks,” deserving “a veil of oblivion,” apparently believing it an indifferent and altogether ordinary message, unremarkable in eloquence and uninspiring in its brevity."

Here is the original article, posted by Matt Zencey for Patriot-News:

150 years

Better late than never? Uh...

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