Patriotic Cocktails To Drink On July Fourth

Red, White And Booze: 10 Patriotic Cocktails For July Fourth

Summer is in full swing, and we are really enjoying it. This is the season for sizzling grills, sunshine-drenched backyard parties and ice cold beers. But the fourth of July is upon us, and we like to celebrate America's independence with something a little stronger and a little fancier. With these 10 patriotically-themed libations, you can cool down and impress your guests all at the same time.

Happy birthday, America. It's time to get your drink on.

Gail's Spicy Bloody Mary With Pickled Vegetables
Frances Janisch
Get Gail's Spicy Bloody Mary with Pickled Vegetables recipeBecause July fourth falls on a Wednesday this year, we recommend you start early -- maybe with a bright red brunch cocktail?
American Beauty
Octopus Publishing Group
Get the American Beauty recipeThis juicy, red cocktail packs a pleasant punch and has an extra-patriotic name.
Bourbon-Cherry Seltzer
Ken Burris
Get the Bourbon-Cherry Seltzer recipeIt doesn't get much more American than bourbon, and these cherry-infused adult seltzers are a delicious way to enjoy it.
Elderflower Sparkler
Ken Burris
Get the Elderflower Sparkler recipeThese refreshing, clear sparklers should go down pretty easily in the heat of the day.
Flickr: Edsel L
Get the Gibson recipeThis classic cocktail will take care of the 'white' in your red, white and blue -- it can also be quickly transformed into a classic martini by swapping an olive or two for the onions. Photo via Flickr user Edsel L
Blueberry Ginger Bellini
Ken Burris
Get the Blueberry Ginger Bellini recipeSince blue foods do not really exist in nature, here's the next best thing (purplish?). The sweetness of the fresh blueberries is tempered by the bright flavors of lemon and ginger.
Sea Breeze
Canadian Club
Get the Sea Breeze recipeOkay, fine. If you insist on drinking something bright blue this July fourth, give this one a whirl.
Pimm's Cup
Josh Shaub
Get the Pimm's Cup recipeIf you, like us, have a little bit of a rabble-rouser in you, why not serve a favorite tipple of our old opposition, the British? While you toast our independence, you can also give a hat-tip to the country we gained it from. (This particular bit of cheekiness has the added benefit of being extremely delicious.)
Prohibition Lemonade
Canadian Club
Get the Prohibition Lemonade recipeWe sure love our freedom around here, don't we? While you sip this tall, refreshing whisky drink, don't forget to appreciate the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 and our subsequent freedom to drink in celebration.
Plantation Punch
If you'd like to celebrate the way our founding fathers would have, whip up a batch of Plantation Punch. This recipe is almost 300 years old and was a favorite of the time.

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