Patriots Talk Deflategate In Front Of Unfortunate 'Flexball' Ad

During a press conference Thursday morning, Patriots coach Bill Belichick denied having any knowledge of his team playing with intentionally deflated footballs last Sunday against the Colts.

But that message may have been overshadowed by a bright red hashtag reading "#Flexball," which appeared all over the digital billboard behind the coach as he addressed the media. The team stands accused of having let air out of their game balls, making them more flexible and therefore easier to play with.

The unfortunately-timed backdrop hashtag is associated with an ad campaign for a pivoting razor made by Gillette, which sponsors the Patriots.

It wasn't just Belichick who endured the regrettable product placement. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady also faced a similar fate during his press conference, held later in the day:

Please, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain curtain behind the man. The great Oz has spoken.



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