Patriots' James Harrison Shows Off Customized AK-47 On Instagram

The gun-loving linebacker's picture triggers criticism.
James Harrison during a game against the New York Jets on Dec. 31.
James Harrison during a game against the New York Jets on Dec. 31.

Here’s a distraction the New England Patriots may not need as they prepare to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday in the AFC Championship: Their newly acquired linebacker, James Harrison, posted a photo Tuesday of an AK-47-style gun that appears to be customized for him.

“That new Deebo Draco,” Harrison wrote of the semi-automatic firearm, which bears his uniform number, 92, and the brand logo for his “Deebo” nickname.

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Neither Harrison nor the Patriots immediately responded to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

Harrison’s affection for guns has been chronicled before. The hard-hitting veteran star, who was acquired by the Patriots in December after he was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers, once told Men’s Journal that the best way to stop campus shootings is to arm all teachers and students. A photo of a shirtless Harrison posing with two guns topped the article.

It is a ridiculous image for kids to see,” ESPN wrote in 2011 of the picture. 

Harrison admitted to police in March 2008 that he broke down a bedroom door, slapped his girlfriend in the face and broke her cellphone during an argument, but charges were dropped when he entered a counseling program.

Harrison’s photo of the Draco invited backlash (and some admirers).

“This is not necessary!!” one Instagram user wrote. “What kind of example you’re setting?!..Smh”

“Dumbass glorifying guns,” another said.

One responder referenced the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. “This is the musket the founders had in mind right? SMH”  

“Sad. You need a gun for what? Don’t agree with you here,” another commenter said.