Fan Turns 'Hamilton' Into Disney Cartoons, And It's Magical

These images “Blow Us All Away.”

The hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” is pretty revolutionary. The hip-hop-heavy play tells the story of the founding fathers with a diverse cast. The concept, which is as novel as the Declaration of Independence was in its time, along with a stellar score and performances has earned it scores of fans -- including Pati Ćmak, a Polish student at Denmark’s Animation Workshop.

Ćmak, who listened to the cast recording just last November, immediately fell in love with the musical.

“When the opening number started playing, I knew I was a goner for this one,” Ćmak told The Huffington Post. “Obviously I was a sobbing mess by the end of it.”

Being that a sobbing mess is how most humans are at the end of a Disney movie, too. Ćmak decided to combine the two, and created a Disney movie version of “Hamilton.”

“When I was listening to the album, I could imagine certain scenes very vividly -- that's when I started drawing it,” she said.

Ćmak said she drew the images during the sparse free time she has as a student in between classes and didn’t spend that much time of them.

“I drew most of them very quickly. Mostly just to deal with my little obsession with the musical,” she admitted.

Regardless of the amount of time she spent on each drawing, ever since Ćmak began posting them on her Tumblr three weeks ago, they’ve been shared thousands of times. Even Leslie Odom, Jr., who plays Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical, shared a few of her pictures on Instagram:

#HamiltonBwayFanArt To be as dashing and full of life as a paticmak drawing. #Goals Thanks so much!

A photo posted by Leslie Odom, Jr. (@leslieodomjr) on

Ćmak also created one animated short from “Hamilton.” It’s of Eliza, Alexander Hamilton’s jilted wife, as she sings the touching song “Burn.”

As for making more Hamilton/Disney renderings, Ćmak doesn’t have any future plans.

“I was thinking about bettering the design of the ones I already drew later on … if I will find some time from school,” she said.

If you haven't heard the amazing cast recording of "Hamilton," listen to it on Spotify, stat!

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