Patti LaBelle Kicks Stripping Fan Off Her Stage During Vancouver Show

"Get off of my god-darn stage, b***h!"

Note to Patti LaBelle fans: If you plan on seeing the icon in concert, don't even think about taking your clothes off, especially if you're one of the lucky ones who gets pulled up onstage. Ms. LaBelle will have none of it.

During her concert in Vancouver on Friday night, the singer invited a few fans onstage to dance and sing with her. One fan, however, got a little too wild for Patti's liking and started stripping in front of her.

"Don't you dare. Not on my stage," Patti tells the fan before making a lesson out of him. She basically gave him a stern mom lecture, then called him a "bitch" and kicked him off the stage. Tell 'em, Patti!

You can watch the whole scene unfold in the video above.


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