Broadway Icon Patti LuPone Refuses To Perform For 'Motherf**cker' Trump

What would LuPone do if our president showed up at her musical? Well...

No one delivers a “how’s that?” like Patti LuPone.

While on the Tony Awards red carpet last weekend, the Broadway veteran delivered one of the night’s most succinctly biting series of remarks. If the following 12-second clip were a nominated production, it’d have walked away with a statuette for “Fire Emoji Personified.” 

Let’s recap:

“Why should President Trump come see your show?” a Variety reporter, whose life was about to flash before his eyes, asked, referring to the musical Lupone is starring in ― “War Paint.” 

“Well, I hope he doesn’t, because I won’t perform if he does,” Lupone responded, curtly, her pursed lips and cheekbones blazing.

“Really?” the Variety reporter pushed, as if words were autonomously flowing from his mouth.

“Really,” Lupone countered, smiling through gritted teeth.

“Tell me why,” the reporter managed to sputter, his microphone ping-ponging between his chest and the seething face of THE Patti Lupone. 

And then she did it.

“Because I hate the motherf**cker, how’s that?” Lupone declared, her dark lipstick giving each syllable slipping out an extra dose of “IDGAF.”

End scene.



Tony Awards 2017