Patton Oswalt And Marc Maron Tweet From The Same Flight And It's Hilarious

Thanks to the miracle of in-flight wi-fi, comedians Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron have been simultaneously entertaining the Internet today via Twitter after finding themselves on the same flight. After both comics tweeted a photo of one another waiting in an airport, Maron and Oswalt's Twitter feeds quickly became a ball-busting competition/narrative of the flight that was too funny to ignore.

Maron was ready with plenty of jabs at Patton for being in business class, not to mention his penchant for "layered metaphors of futility," and Oswalt imagined if Maron put his no-bullsh*t interview style to use on the flight ("Holy shit. @marcmaron just interviewed his complimentary airline pretzels and made them admit to being sellouts. Now they're crying").

Along with roasting one another, Maron and Oswalt may have also set up an excellent interview for Maron's "WTF" podcast. After Henry Winkler responded to their tweets about an ice cream social, Patton suggested The Fonz do Maron's show and he appears to have obliged:

Other comedians have joined in on the fun, tweeting their own jokes about the comedy summit of sorts happening at 30,000 feet. One Twitter onlooker made the all-too-obvious "Day The Music Died" joke ("Which one of you is The Big Bopper?") and Oswalt and Maron have been re-tweeting other funny responses as they go. Check those out, but first, read the funniest tweets from their in-flight conversation so far below: