Patton Oswalt: Donald Trump Is America's 'Racist Palate Cleanser'

"We are not as progressive as we thought we were."

Patton Oswalt says President Donald Trump’s election victory shows that America is “not as progressive as we thought we were.”

Trump has profited from former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office, the comedian and actor told late night TV host Conan O’Brien.

Under Obama, Oswalt said there was a “lot of back-patting going on.” “It was like, ‘Yeah, check it out, black president. ‘Yeah you’re welcome, we’re pretty cool, America 21st century, pretty nice,’” he said.

But when presented with the choice of voting for an “insanely qualified woman” and a “racist scrotum dipped in Cheeto dust,” Oswalt said the country decided to “see what the scrotum has to say.”

It was as if citizens couldn’t handle so much diversity and so Trump was, according to Oswalt, America’s “racist palate cleanser.”

Check out the full interview above.

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