Patton Oswalt On 'Parks And Recreation': Comedian Improvises 'Star Wars' Filibuster In 8-Minute Outtake (VIDEO)

Patton Oswalt warmed our hearts with his response to the Boston Marathon tragedy, but now we have yet another reason to love him this week.

Oswalt guest stars on the upcoming episode of "Parks And Recreation," but this epic, eight-minute rant about a ridiculous "Star Wars" sequel didn't make the cut. Thankfully, NBC uploaded the outtake to YouTube so now we can witness Oswalt's mesmerizing, improvised filibuster for ourselves. If anyone has ever doubted this comedian's love of the first three "Star Wars" movies (And "X-Men," while we're at it) they will not be able to do so after watching the video above.

Watch Oswalt's "Parks And Recreation" episode this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.