Patton Oswalt Pranks 'King Of Queens' By Standing Perfectly Still For Entire Scene (VIDEO)

WATCH: Did Patton Oswalt Prank 'King Of Queens' While Cameras Were Rolling?

Patton Oswalt may be having a great year, between his stand-up special "Finest Hour," Adult Swim's "The Heart, She Holler" and a big role in Jason Reitman's "Young Adult." But like many great actors, Oswalt started off on a sitcom, as Kevin James' goofy sidekick Spence on "The King of Queens."

In this clip, Oswalt's instinct for quiet rebellion was in full view the entire time. Watch what Patton's doing in the background... or rather, what he's not doing.

Yes, Patton appears to be standing eerily and completely still for the entire opening scene in this 2005 episode, "Emotional Rollercoaster." No emotion. No reaction. No anything.

We wonder whether the director had any idea what Oswalt was doing -- after all, the comedian had already released his first album, "Feelin' Kinda Patton" by the point, establishing him as a dynamic comedic voice. The "King of Queens" crew must have known that the guy who played the dorky friend might pull some shenanigans around the set at any point, or even worse, stand motionless like one of the twins from "The Shining."

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