Paul A. Laduke, Schaumburg Christian School Teacher, Charged With Masturbating During Class

Updated with bond information

A teacher at Schaumburg Christian School has been charged with sexual exploitation of a child after allegedly masturbating while students were in his classroom.

Paul A. Laduke, 75, allegedly told police he had been “masturbating while fantasizing about various students for the past 10 years," according to the Chicago Tribune.

Schaumburg police told Fox Chicago that a student spotted Laduke "engaged in what appeared to be inappropriate lewd conduct while seated at his podium" on Nov. 11. That student informed a teacher and Laduke, described by his family as a "strict Christian," was fired the same day.

Fox Chicago has more on the allegations:

Through the investigation detectives determined that on Friday, November 11th Laduke, while seated behind his podium, unzipped and lowered his pants and masturbated while students were present in the classroom. Investigators believe that this has occurred multiple times per year over the course of possibly 10-years or longer while Laduke was teaching at Schaumburg Christian School.

A judge set LaDuke's bail at $40,000 Wednesday.

While investigators have not indicated that students were inappropriately touched or physically harmed, any former or current students with information have been asked to contact police at (847) 882-3534.

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