Paul Allen Refiles Lawsuit Against Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Yahoo And Others

If at first you don't succeed...sue, sue again? That appears to be Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen's strategy. Allen has refiled a lawsuit against an array of Internet giants, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, and Yahoo, alleging patent infringement.

The LA Times reports:

Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, refiled the suit through his company, Interval Licensing -- which owns patents from technology developed by the billionaire's former company, Interval Research in the 1990s.

The suit argues that the named tech companies have infringed on four patents Interval owns, according to an article from the Associated Press.

Interval argues in the suit that the companies are infringing on patents dealing with the way movies, news stories and other related content are displayed on websites, as well as computer programs and websites which send alerts to a user "without disturbing their main activity on the computer, unobtrusively and off to the side," the article said.

The lawsuit was originally filed in August, but it was dismissed because it didn't cite specific examples of products and services that were infringing on the patents in question, the Associated Press said.

Better luck this time?