Paul Cadden's Unbelievably Photorealistic Drawings (PHOTOS)

These Are Not Photographs

We understand if you don't believe us, since we can hardly believe it ourselves. But the hyperrealistic images below are in fact drawings made by Scotland-based artist Paul Cadden.

Cadden's incredible skill captures an intense vision even beyond the capabilities of photography. Whether drawing water droplets, billowing cigarette smoke or creating dusty forehead wrinkles, the artist carefully lingers over every detail. Through this act, his textures, subjects and scenes come to life, evoking an artistic intensity that arguably transcends that of an image captured in an instant by a camera. Cadden, who states on his website his goal to "intensify the normal," creates a world where every detail is seen, realized and appreciated. We wish real life were a little more like this, don't you?

See a slideshow of his photorealistic drawings below:

Paul Cadden

Correction: An earlier edition of this article featured a drawing of a photograph originally taken by Tomas Castelazo.

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