Paul Charles, Stabbing Suspect, Surrenders After Police Standoff Due To Sharks

Sharks Help End 4-Hour Police Standoff

He was caught between a cop and a shark place.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue spokesman James Weber told WBPF that Charles is believed to have "stabbed his girlfriend and his girlfriend's new boyfriend in the chest" in Boca Raton at around noon Monday.

Charles, who the Palm Beach Daily News reports is in his mid-20s, ran to Palm Beach, held a knife to his own chest and informed bystanders he was going to commit suicide.

A four-hour standoff between Charles and police ensued, during about half of which the suspect was standing waist-deep in the ocean. By the end of the standoff, police believe the suspect may have been developing symptoms of hypothermia.

However, officials say it wasn't just the cops and the cold that finally convinced the man to surrender: the sharks helped, too.

Multiple spinner sharks had been seen jumping in the water and began swimming closer when Charles "gained their attention," Weber told WPBF.

The two stabbing victims were taken to local hospitals, according to the Sun Sentinel, but no information on their condition has been released.

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