Major General Criticizes Dick Cheney For Attacking Obama On Foreign Policy

Major General Paul D. Eaton criticized former Vice President Dick Cheney for hitting President Barack Obama on foreign policy.

On Monday, Cheney criticized a proposal that called for shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, saying it would do "long-term damage to our military."

“And I think the whole thing is not driven by any change in world circumstances, it is driven by budget considerations," Cheney said. "[Obama] would much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops.”

Cheney failed to note that military families redeemed more than $100 million in food stamps on military bases in 2013.

During a phone interview with SiriusXM Progress, Eaton slammed Cheney for his comments considering his role in Iraq.

"Vice President Cheney is one of the architects of the worst foreign policy disaster of the 21st century," Eaton said. "We're young, but the decision to attack Iraq, and to do so in such an incompetent manner, does not give him a platform to say anything about the foreign policy under execution today."

"Vice President Cheney is who he is. It's unfortunate that he has not followed the guidance and the model of his former boss, President Bush, and gone off quietly to write his memoir," Eaton also said.

Listen to Eaton's comments on SiriusXM Progress below:



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