Paul Giamatti Tells The Epic Tale Of His 'Burger King For Life' Card

The "Billions" star did a commercial for the fast-food giant and a crown-embossed credit card arrived in the mail.

Actor Paul Giamatti told a whopper of a story about receiving a “Burger King for Life” card after he did a commercial for the fast-food giant. (Watch the interview below.)

On “The Late Show” Monday, the “Billions” and “Sideways” star was asked by host Stephen Colbert if he got any perks from the gig.

Giamatti, who played the voice of the King’s chicken-sandwich nightmare in a recent ad, jokingly asked his agent if that qualified him for free Burger King for life.

She looked into the matter, and a crown-embossed credit card arrived via FedEx soon afterward. “Holy [BLEEP], I have a Burger King for life card!” he recalls screaming to himself.

Giamatti researched the card and said only a select few people own one, including George Lucas. He bragged to the world about his good fortune.

Until he read the fine print and entered the serial number for the card on the website.

We’ll let Giamatti take it from here:
(The conversation begins at the 3:13 mark and his reveal comes around 6:15.)

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