Man Arrested After Allegedly Sexting Police Officer

A South Florida man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly sent racy photos to a Marco Island police officer.

Paul Arnold Kirleis, 30, contacted police to report a suspicious vehicle. An officer responded to Kirleis on his department-issued phone, according to the Naples News.

Shortly after the conversation, the officer began receiving messages on his phone from Kirleis' number.

[He] allegedly texted the officer "Who is this?" and "I am boo."

Those texts were followed up by a photo of a man in a thong and a picture of a man who looked like Kirleis bent over and looking back at the camera while naked.

Other texts, including one of a man dressed in lingerie, followed. The sixth message that the officer received said, “Sooo,” according to reports.

Police made contact with Kirleis, who said he remembered calling about the suspicious vehicle, but not much else. He said he'd been intoxicated.

"Dude, this is not the way to get a date with a cop," Barbara Hijek observed in the Sun-Sentinel, "But you may land a date with a judge."



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