Paul Krugman Song Lights Up YouTube (VIDEO)

The increasingly aggressive Krugman v. Geithner showdown has spilled out onto YouTube. Jonathan Mann, the creator of Rock Cookie Bottom, writes a song every day. This time he brought his folk/pop stylings to the world of economic policy with "Hey Paul Krugman," and ode to "the famous economist, Nobel prize winner and all around cool guy."

In the song, Mann begs the question "why isn't Krugman in the administration?" and calls Timothy Geithner a weasel. Krugman has been critical of Geithner's policies and the administration's economic policies as a whole. Yesterday he went as far as to call Geithner's plan an "awful mess."



Mann has followed up his viral hit with "Come On, Nouriel", about the economist, Nouriel Roubini.